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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


"Thank you for the wonderful advocacy on behalf of LeRoy’s kids. The opportunity for two boys to experience the University of New Mexico is priceless. I know this would not have happened without your support. Thank you for all that you do for us!" Jane Woods,
Director of Development-LeRoy Haynes Center November 2011

"WOW!!! " What a great golf tournament on Thursday. Jan's Towing was honored to be the Title Sponsor of this awesome golf tourney. We hope that we lived up to your expectations and plan to do the same in the future. You, your staff and all the volunteers worked so hard to make this successful and it is well known throughout the San Gabriel Valley as one of the premier tournaments to participate in. In this economic period of time, to sell out a golf tournament is unheard of. But year after year, you succeed. Once again, thank you and the Irwindale Chamber of Commerce for your support and know that we are there for you. via email May 2010 Jan Qualkenbush, President/Owner Jan's Towing May 2010

"I am pleased (and impressed) to inform you that your efforts and the networking we’ve been exposed to through the Irwindale Chamber have directly lead to a 15% increase in monthly service revenue. I can’t say that any other organization I’ve belonged to has contributed so forcefully to my bottom line. Your organization and the events you promote are the most efficient use of my networking time and I want to thank you for offering a place that I can focus my energy and count on for a great return (and some good fun) in the process." Anthony Chiappetta, President AMC-Advanced Microcomputing Concepts

“Lisa (she always gives credit to her staff) makes the Irwindale Chamber of Commerce what it is today. Due to Lisa's enthusiastic nature this Chamber continues to grow and that is a direct result of Lisa's talents. She gets the job done and has a special talent of recruiting volunteers for her many commitees. I can truthfully say with all the Chambers I have been associated with this one far exceeds the others.” Placed on December 22, 2008 Brenda Reuter, Athens Services

“Lisa has been a forward-thinking, very active Chamber President, is always planning ways to improve the business environment in Irwindale. Her guidance has created one of the most robust and effective Chambers in the San Gabriel Valley. Our experience as members of the Chamber has been rewarding - for those doing business in the area, this Chamber is worth the investment!” Placed on December 18, 2008 Marcella Roschitsch , Owner and General Manager, SCEP Promotions

“Lisa is a leader in our community. Always reaching out to lend a hand, make a business connection or help you improve your business. I've known Lisa for several years and her drive to have a positive influence on the local business community is unmatched.” Placed on April 30, 2008 Nathan Kirschenbaum, Stellar Business Bank

"On our trip to India, we visited flower shops that was of real value and interest to my wife Rosi. She brought home many new and interesting designs that are native of India. She still corresponds with a lady whom we met in India. Still exchanging pictures and ideas. If you enjoy traveling these two trips have been a wealth of information and knowledge. Not to mention networking. This is networking at it’s finest. Many of our fellow chamber members still order their flowers from us. I hope and pray that the Irwindale Chamber continues to offer these trips because to me it is a win win situation for everyone involved. And after all this is what a merchant is all about, making contacts!" March 27, 2008 Gene & Rosi Medrano, Rancho Duarte Florist

"Just getting to know you over the last couple years through the chamber world, this honor (Assemblyman Ed Hernandez Women of Achievement for the 57th District) is well deserved. You do so much for your community and for us “newbies” in the Chamber profession. Your contribution is important and this tribute is a way those who know you and your role are saying thank you. Keep up the good work." Drew Graham, Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“Lisa is a pleasure to work with and is truly a professional at running a Chamber of Commerce. Out of all of our EcTownUSA.Com clients she is very progressive and keeps me on my toes!” Placed on March 12, 2008 Richard Scully, CEO, EcTownUSA.Com

“I have worked with many Chamber CEOs, but Lisa easily surpasses them all in her accomplishments, intelligence, vision, & other professional skills. What particularly sets her apart is a sincere desire and genuine ability to listen to the needs of her members & colleagues, and her community. She enthusiastically leads cutting edge projects, and at the same time uses her hands-on, down-to-earth-personality to continually help connect people well, and foster solid business growth. When Lisa is behind something, it will happen!” Placed on February 16, 2008 April Kelcy, Owner, Earthquake Solutions

"Eugene at Academy of Pest Control did an excellent job for us. He removed the bee hives in our attic. My husband,Roy, really enjoyed the time spent with him. Thanks to the Chamber for a good lead."
Betty Futter- Arbonne, via email July 2011

"The Chamber is a wonderful group of active people. Membership has benefited us through exposure of our mission and overall support." Lee Kane, Shoes That Fit October 2011

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Friday, July 30, 2010