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Mastering Finance For Entrepreneurs: Embrace the Heart of Financial Success

An interactive workshop where you can overlay templates with your own company financials and even get immediate feedback if required.

Event Date:
Event Time:
06:00 PM - 08:30 PM GMT
The Engine Room
2nd & 3rd Floor, Battersea Power Station
London, SW11 8BZ
Contact Person:
Beverley Corson
(phone: +447769295512)


Who this workshop is for:

Ambitious Founders/Directors of established small businesses with (2-25 employees) from any sector, who recognise the pivotal role of financial literacy in steering their business towards success. If you currently find yourself relying heavily on your accountant for financial insights, with only a narrow focus on your current bank balance, it's time for a transformative shift.

Please note that in this workshop we use an innovative approach that also works for people concerned that numbers and mathematics are a weakness.

The challenge:

A lack of financial understanding and skills can cast a shadow over your entrepreneurial journey and lead to:

The consequences of financial uncertainty can be profound. Without a comprehensive understanding of Profit & Loss, Cashflow, and Balance Sheet intricacies, you may unknowingly be stifling your business growth. The ripple effects include missed opportunities, unexplored investments, and the frustration of not confidently steering your company's financial ship.

Would you like to:

What You Will Gain through this workshop:

We will show you how to understand your business's capital flow, leaving confusion in the rearview mirror. This workshop replaces uncertainty with clarity, empowering you to understand and wield financial terminology crucial for informed decision-making.

It takes you on a journey of capital flow through your business using visualisation rather than spreadsheets. Even those with no or limited experience in business financials can become much more confident in understanding the terminology and importance of the key financial requirements.

Understand the difference between, Profit & Loss, Cashflow, and Balance Sheet

This is an interactive workshop where you can overlay templates with your own company financials and even get immediate feedback if required.

If you feel you need to step up and take more control of the financial aspects of your business then this workshop is for you.

Who is running this event?

Robert Copping

Director Sightpath Ltd. and Founder of Voycap Ltd.

Entrepreneur, investor, author, speaker, and mentor. Over 20 years’ experience of generating business models for start-ups and SMEs and funding for growth.

A graduate of Physics, Robert began his career as a Technologist with British Aerospace and after a spell working with Schroder Ventures, he established a consultancy practice helping entrepreneurs and SMEs to grow. Distilling key drivers of success, he developed the Sightpath software solution to help model growth companies and balance their ambition with their ability to fund it.

Many companies have now benefitted from this solution, raising many millions of pounds of funding in multiple tranches via a combination of equity and debt.

In 2020, Robert co-founded VOYCAP Limited, a SaaS platform offering companies a structured single source view of documents, progress, and market intelligence, for use internally and via controlled access for Investor Relations and efficient due diligence.

VOYCAP aims to create a collaborative ecosystem with greater accountability and alignment between founders and investors and generate more focus on strong execution to improve the reward/risk balance for all stakeholders. In Autumn 2023, VOYCAP soft-launched by invitation only.

He is also a member of the Association of Business Mentors, author of the Heart of Business Success and a motivational Business Speaker.

Beverley Corson

Director and Founder of the Next Level Business Club, CEO Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce

Since setting up her own business, Beverley has spent 15 years successfully delivering business growth coaching to SME business owners. Prior to that Beverley worked for 10 years with other world-class companies providing people development and performance improvement in the business world. She is an accomplished Business, Leadership, Marketing, and Sales Coach and Trainer, and Business Development professional who uses her down to earth, supportive and personal approach to help her clients achieve clarity, direction, focus, proactivity, productivity and results.