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Cultivating Boards with Shared Leadership
If old nonprofit board models aren’t working, why do we keep using them? Learn a new way of governing by exploring shared leadership models in this workshop.

Open to both board members and nonprofit staff including Executive Directors.

Structure, processes, policies, and culture can all contribute to how a nonprofit board operates and its level of effectiveness. This workshop explores parts of all of these with a focus on how to build or shift boards rooted in shared leadership. Through learning, activities and conversations, we will uncover tools, strategies, and roles in evolving nonprofit boards past the typical model. This workshop is designed to support individual board members, nonprofit staff such as Executive Directors, and others committed to new board theories and practices.

We will cover the following:
Held virtually from 11:30 am to 4 pm MT on:
• Saturday, June 29

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11:30 AM - 04:00 PM MT
, NM
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Vicki Pozzebon
(phone: 505-501-8206)

Register by June 26.

We offer a tiered pricing model to make it possible for more to attend. For those who have the ability to pay it forward, we ask that you purchase tickets at the higher end to help others participate.

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Full Price: $75
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