Sealy Eastside Foundation Inc

Sealy Eastside Foundation Inc

Welcome to Sealy Eastside Foundation Inc, an integral pillar in the Sealy community, located in the heart of Sealy, Texas. Established with a deep commitment to fostering unity and growth, we take pride in our mission of "Bringing the community together one handshake at a time."

Our Purpose

At Sealy Eastside Foundation Inc, our purpose is clear and resolute: we are dedicated to providing unwavering support and promoting the health, education, and overall well-being of both the youth and senior citizens in our vibrant community. Our commitment is guided by the principles outlined in Rural Development regulations FmHA-TX442-6 (Articles of Incorporation) and 442-7 (By-Laws), which form the foundation of our initiatives.

Empowering Youth and Seniors

We understand the invaluable role that the youth and senior citizens play in shaping the fabric of our society. Through strategic partnerships and collaboration with local government agencies and schools, we strive to create a nurturing environment that uplifts, empowers, and enriches the lives of individuals across all generations.

Community Catalyst

Sealy Eastside Foundation Inc stands as a beacon of positive change within Sealy and Austin County. Our commitment to addressing the concerns and well-being of all residents is unwavering. By acting as a catalyst for meaningful change, we work tirelessly to create a stronger, more cohesive community that benefits everyone.

Non-Political Advocacy

We hold steadfast to our principles of neutrality when it comes to political matters. Our foundation remains dedicated solely to the well-being and development of the community. We refrain from engaging in any form of propaganda, lobbying, or attempts to influence legislation. Our focus remains firmly on building bridges, not endorsing candidates.

As we continue to grow and evolve, Sealy Eastside Foundation Inc remains committed to fostering an environment of inclusivity, empowerment, and progress. Through our initiatives, partnerships, and dedicated efforts, we aim to exemplify the spirit of unity that defines our community. Join us in our journey to create a brighter, more connected future for Sealy and its cherished residents.