Superior Drilling Products

Superior Drilling Products, Inc (SDPI) was founded in 1993 by our CEO, Troy Meier. Before establishing SDPI, Mr. Meier worked for Christensen Diamond Products in Salt Lake City. While at Christensen he designed and opened manufacturing facilities in Ireland, China, and Venezuela. Baker Hughes acquired Christensen in 1992 and formed Hughes Christensen. Shortly thereafter, SDPI was formed and developed the first commercially viable process to remanufacture PDC drill bits in Vernal, Utah. As of 2019, SDPI continues to repair PDC bits for Baker Hughes at its technologically advanced PDC repair facility near its corporate headquarters in Vernal.

In May of 2014, SDPI purchased Hard Rock Solutions, Inc (HRSI) and became a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. (NYSE:SDPI) The purchase of HRSI included the patented Drill-n-Ream tool which conditions horizontal well bores while drilling. The dual operation of conditioning and drilling saves oil and gas operators significant time and money.

Drilling horizontal wells can be challenging and complex with increased technical demands. To overcome these demands, SDPI is continuing its history of innovation by also offering a drill string oscillation tool called Strider. All research and development and manufacturing for SDPI products is done at sophisticated state-of-the-art facilities in Vernal.