The Change Project

The Change Project is a learning & development organization that bridges the gap between what limits us in life to maximizing our true potential in each facet of our lives. 

The Change Project harnesses the power of what makes us uniquely valuable, helping organizations, parents, educators, and students thrive and maximize their vast potential.  We provide training & development to help people perform at their highest potential and transform their desires into reality. We work with people of all ages interested in expanding what is possible to have, create, and enjoy in their lives.

We work towards delivering the unique needs of our clients through an array of services including personal & professional development, team & leadership development, workforce development, strengths-based coaching, facilitation of workshops and habit-forming courses for sales, business, & life, as well as presentations and speaking engagements.

Our services are designed to achieve or exceed our clients desired results and position them to perform at their highest level on a consistent basis. We connect with and support each other, working towards maximizing the potential of people both individually, and collectively. We aim to deliver value above and beyond your investment to create positive, lasting change that fuels your engine of productivity.

We work with our clients to raise their ceiling of potential and lead them to a more fulfilled, accomplished, & satisfied life.

Click on the link below to explore how to get involved in our workforce development initiative for 2019-2020 school year.  It is 100% funded by local businesses and human beings who have an interest in contributing to the development of out youth!  Here is the graduation video from one of our first two cohorts we piloted this program with:  

“Almost every attribute of your potential -from intelligence to creativity to leadership to personality and engagement-is interconnected with others”