Wyoming Trust Attorney

Our Wyoming law firm focuses exclusively on asset protection and wealth management. Our goal is to craft an asset protection strategy that works for you and your family's situation. You will work hand in hand with our trust attorney to ensure your hard-earned money gets into the right hands at the right time.

Asset protection strategies are meant to change your creditor's cost-benefit analysis. Through the use of Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, Wyoming asset protection trusts, and qualified retirement plans, you can effectively place your money outside the reach of creditors while still enabling you to live off the assets and maintain control. A creditor seeking a judgment would face significant costs in bringing the case to court and have little to no chance of winning. This scenario makes litigation ineffective and allows you to live stress-free.

Protecting assets with a trust is a time-tested tradition that began before the U.S. was founded. Wyoming trust law is designed to be favorable toward business and estate planning. These laws can be used in your favor regardless of where you live. We happily assist both US and offshore clients with creating trusts. Those from other countries may consider our products to be offshore trusts.

Wyoming has no taxes on the estate, gifts, or inheritances and has lower maintenance costs than a comparable South Dakota Trust or Nevada Trust. WY also allows generation-skipping trusts, irrevocable trusts, spendthrift, dynasty, discretionary and perpetual trusts. We like to say there are as many trust variations as there are individuals and their situations.

WY is one of the few asset protection trust states which allow self-settled qualified spendthrift trusts a.k.a. a Domestic Asset Protection Trust. These domestic trusts allow you to be both the settler and the beneficiary. In essence, you form a trust for your own personal benefit. After a UFTA look back period of 2 years, the transfers cannot be clawed back.

Wyoming also allows you to be the trustee via an unregulated private family trust company. This private trust company is a Wyoming LLC you establish solely for the purpose of administering the trust. This also enables you to act as the investment advisor and draw a reasonable salary for your services.

Learn more about doing business in Wyo on our website dedicated to Wyoming LLC and trust law. We also love special requests, so please reach out with any questions!

We also offer a full suite of estate planning services. Our estate services include but are not limited to, revocable living trusts, advanced health care directives, durable powers of attorney, close limited liability companies, irrevocable Medicaid trusts, avoiding probate, and establishing a guardian for your loved ones after you pass away. These services are designed to reduce your stress and ensure that your estate is handled in the manner you wish.

There is no reason to put off such decisions until the end. Doing so will only increase likely taxes and potentially place relatives in a poor position fighting over your assets because your wishes were not clear.