Bruce Staggs - Judge JP 3

My commitment to you and this community is:
Being Fair, Firm and Consistent
Through judicious, graduated discipline to those that break the law, community trust can be built.  The penalties will become harsher until those who habitually break the law learn to modify their behavior.
Being Impartial with Equal JUSTice for All
I will listen to all testimony carefully and intently.  Equal justice requires respect and common courtesy for all.  When judgment is rendered it will be totally unbiased, thus justice will be served.  I believe in and will uphold the "Rule of Law".
I have years of administrative management experience and training in professional listening.  Listening is one of the most important skills a Justice of the Peace can possess.  These interpersonal skills, coupled with an ability to be open-minded and fair to all who will appear before me, are components that mark my character.
Upholding Constitutional and Civil Rights
I will enforce the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Arizona.  The inspired principles that our great country was founded on are just as valid now, as they were when they were created.  Those principles that have made our country the greatest country in the world need to be honored and enforced.
Community Responsibility and Accountability
I love this community.  It is my home.  I feel our country is departing from the morals, values, and work ethic that made it great.  Fortunately it hasn’t impacted the JP-3 Precinct to the degree it is impacting many parts of our nation.  I want to fulfill my moral and ethical responsibility to make sure this doesn’t happen to our community by being your Justice of the Peace.  By holding all citizens accountable for their actions, the community will be a safer environment for all of us.
I seek this office because my fellow citizens, friends, and business owners which I will be serving, are also the people that I live among in the JP-3 Precinct. 
Tirelessly Serving with Honor and Integrity
I always do my best.  I don’t believe in “trying”.  I believe that “trying” is accepting failure in advance.  My work ethic is proven by my past accomplishments.  I graduated Summa Cum Laude and was in the Honor Society.  I created and operated a large multi-disciplinary successful health practice in Tucson, Arizona and a satellite office in Nogales, Arizona while serving as a Health Board member for 7 years.  As a Chief Executive Officer/CEO I managed 57 employees and oversaw a $4,000,000.00 budget.
I am an Eagle Scout with a Silver Palm. Only 5% of Boy Scouts become Eagle Scouts.  (Less than 1% of Eagle Scouts earn their Silver Palm).  I have served as an Assistant Scout Master in our community for the past 4 years.
I served an honorable two-year mission for my church.
Last election I knocked on over 2,500 doors and met many good citizens of our community.  I am doing this again.
Throughout my life I have proven my honesty, character, compassion, work ethic, values, and a true desire to make a difference.
I commit to you, my fellow citizens, that as your Justice of the Peace I will do my best to make a difference.  One of my areas of focus will be on the youth of our community.  The youth are the future leaders of our community.  I want them to have every opportunity in life to succeed.  I will be that constant, caring adult that some children need, as well as the support that some parents need, when further direction and discipline is required.  A firm, fair, and accountable approach can make the difference of success or failure in a young person’s life.  As a result of their contact with the court system they will start to learn responsibility and accountability.
I believe that as your Justice of the Peace I could go to work every day and leave knowing the justice system made a difference for our community.