Pioneer Title Agency

The Newlon family, who has been in the title insurance business for over 50 years, founded Pioneer Title Agency in 1985. With a focus of providing exceptional service to Arizona's smaller communities or secondary markets, there are branches in most of rural Arizona, and we have since added a substantial operation in the metro Phoenix market.

Pioneer is a financially strong and diverse company. We are able to handle all types of real estate transactions, ranging from the smallest secondary loans to the transfer of large sophisticated commercial properties.

Pioneer has incorporated advanced systems technology throughout our operations.We continue to seek, as well as design, new innovative programs to improve customer service response time, as well as enhance the professionalism of our customers products.

Unlike the large national title insurance corporations, Pioneer is an independent title insurance agency. We issue policies through several national underwriters, which ensures our customers receive the highest quality insurance at competitive rates. Pioneer is also an Arizona based company. With a strong local presence, our earnings not only stay in Arizona, but support the state and local communities we serve.

Pioneer has a very talented senior management team, with extensive experience in the title insurance business and a strong commitment to providing their customers with unparalleled service.

Although Pioneer has worked hard to improve its level of technology, the company has never lost sight of the fact that it's their people who truly make the difference. Pioneer's highly trained and knowledgeable staff of dedicated officers are not only committed to providing exceptional service, but have a clear understanding of your service needs.