Spanish Fork City Corporation

Spanish Fork is situated in central Utah, and lies in the south central portion of Utah County. The land slopes gently upward from Utah Lake to the northwest to the southerly end of the Wasatch Mountains in the southeast. The elevations ranges from about 4500 feet in the northwest to 5200 feet in the far southeast foothills. A slightly steeper rise interrupts this topography in the southeast portion of the grid patterned streets of the City. The rise then flattens out forming a more gentle sloping bench area stretching to the foothills in the east. From the plateau of the east bench the topography drops rather steeply down approximately 60 feet to the Spanish Fork River floodplain below at the southerly edge of the community.

The climate of Spanish Fork is characterized by four distinct seasons. Summer is warm to hot with little moisture. Fall brings pleasant temperatures and increasing cloudiness and precipitation from Pacific storms. Winters are fairly cold and snowy, with occasional foggy periods caused by high pressure inversions. Spring brings warmer temperatures, and is usually the wettest season. It is the season when flooding is most likely to occur, especially if the winter snowpack in the mountains is heavy and warm and/or wet conditions occur. Canyon breezes blow from the southeast on many nights and mornings throughout the year, helping to keep the air clear and pollution free.