Dirty Dough Cookies

Were bringing one-of-a-kind cookies to the masses, and helping entrepreneurs find passion and success.

The other guys can focus on making cutesy, clean cookies that look better than they taste. Dirty Dough sells cookies for real life, which can get a little messy. But, it sure is sweet!

Dirty Dough cookies are engineered from the inside out, with every cookie featuring some combination of layers, mix-ins, or filling within the dough.

The unique flavor profiles and trademark gooey goodness of our cookies set us apart from other cookie-cutter brands (see what we did there?).

Dirty Dough strives to be a relatable, real-life brand that doesn't take itself too seriously. Our tagline, Proudly unique, inside and out, refers to both our cookies and our people.

We aren't worried about filters or getting the frosting just right.

Were all about substance and authentic goodness.

Dirty Dough is growing rapidly and expanding across the country. Claim your market and help us bring messy cookies to the masses by opening a franchise of your own!