Betty's Cafe Inc.

We are a family owned a d operated breakfast and lunch restaurant located in Vernal, Utah. We serve home cooked traditional American breakfast and lunch specialties as well as homemade desserts such as cinnamon rolls and pies.
We offer catering for special occasions as well as dinners for special events that can be booked by calling us and making requests for weddings, Christmas parties and or other special occasions.

About Betty's Cafe and our history

Betty is a real person. She is our mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Betty's Cafe opened in 1996 in Vernal, UT. 

This is a fourth-generation business. It all started with Betty's mother Della Murray. Della raised a big family during the Depression and learned to create meals and sweet things using commodities and from her big gardens. She was a marvelous cook and while working at the local cafes, became famous in town for her lunch specials, sweet rolls, dinner rolls, and bread, etc. bringing her homemade chicken noodle soup to family holiday get-togethers. 

Our family always worked in the food industry. Betty worked hard and was able to recreate all of grandma Della's recipes. Then she too became famous. Then her daughters and now her grandkids! I believe that our special ingredient is love and pride during the work process; whether it's back in the kitchen or out front with all our amazing customers throughout the years. It's full of pride and genuine closeness with all who come through the door. So, in more than 80 years not a lot has changed.

Things are a lot easier nowadays than they were back then. But the special ingredients remain the same. Our beloved grand and great-grandmothers Della and Betty have passed on, yet our goal is to continue on the tradition of serving our community breakfast, lunch and other delicious desserts. We are so happy to keep this legacy alive for an opportunity to serve and welcome old meet a lot of new friends.