Salas Financial Consulting LLC

Do you need help with your business finances?

Since 2003 my goal has been to become a well-rounded/experienced financial professional within the field of Accounting.

I have worked for small to large organizations with titles ranging from Staff/Cost Accountant up to Chief Financial Officer

These companies ranged in industry, from service-based to construction and manufacturing

Privately held and publicly traded

Full accrual accounting and cash basis

For profit and nonprofit

I also worked for a CPA firm conducting audits and preparing tax returns

I have worked through several external audits and bank/creditor reviews

I helped a startup and a small business catch up in closing the books and issuing financials for year-end tax preparation.

I have helped a nonprofit organization get through two government audits (State and Federal), and address/correct two pages of external CPA firm audit findings. (which was issued to them before I started there)

I have helped a CEO expand his business into Solar sales offering his customers new opportunities. I also helped him with the sale of multiple pest control branches.

I have helped two businesses implement new enterprise resource planning accounting software programs. (SAP and Microsoft Dynamics GP)

Based on financial information I have advised business owners on where to focus for profitability and new growth opportunities.

If you need any help with any of the following, I would really appreciate the opportunity:

Thank you,

Jake Salas, MBA