Sophos Survival

Sophos Survival is your one-stop shop for everything emergency preparedness and survival.

Our mission is to help you be prepared for what we call "life's adventures" which are anything from a weekend camping trip with your family, to perform basic first aid or CPR, to surviving a major natural disaster.

We offer long-term food storage & supplies, water storage tanks and filtration options, first aid kits & supplies, off-grid power, knives & tools, freeze dryers & supplies, camping/backpacking/other outdoor gear, fire starting & survival gear, and much more.

We also offer training classes and hands-on workshops to give you the real-life practice you need to survive an emergency situation. Knowledge and practice are just as important, if not more important, than all the gear and supplies.

Sophos Survival was founded in 2015 by Isaiah Price. The essence of Sophos Survival's mission comes from Isaiah's background as a professional pilot.

Aircraft pilots spend a huge chunk of their initial training and annual recurrent training on emergency procedures and aircraft systems. They study the procedures to know WHAT to do in case of an emergency (or even something that's not necessarily an emergency but throws a wrench in the flight plan), and they study the aircraft systems to know what's behind those procedures HOW stuff works. PRACTICE. Then PRACTICE some more so that when something goes wrong (and it will go wrong at some point), the procedure has become muscle memory and the response is calm, WISE, and immediate.


Sophos is a Greek word that means wisdom and was originally used to describe expertise in a particular knowledge or craft. The reason I chose this is that my goal is to TEACH and INSTILL emergency preparedness, survival, and self-reliance as an attitude and way of life, not just sell a bunch of survival stuff. Of course, good quality gear and supplies are very important (and a big part of our business), but I believe a trained mind is your most valuable tool.

And that's SOPHOS.